Here's an interesting thought. Im working myself up to write a book of about 70,000 words. Right now that seems a silly amount get through and I find myself procrastinating rather a lot.

So as a motivational tool I figured out how much I write online... it's a fun exercise.

Since 2005 I've hung out on several places, this is a rough (conservative [1]) estimate of the amount written:

  • Forum One: 7,000 posts, around 30 words a post = 120,000
  • Forum Two: ¬†3,000 posts, around 40 words a post = 120,000
  • Hacker News: 2,436 comments, conservatively around 50 words per comment = 121800
  • Blog(s): ¬†somewhere in the region of 90 posts, about 500 words each = 45000
It's about 400,000 words over 5 years, most of those in the last 3. About 219 words per day.

So that means at this rate it should only take a year to write my book. Maybe not the positive feeling I was aiming for. :???:

1. I feel this is really conservative, my "best guess" figure puts it at nearly 750,000+