Draw Mohammed day is this silly idea someone came up with in an attempt to show unity against extremists who threaten death to those who, well, draw Mohammed.

(for background; Muslims often find it offensive when people draw Mohammed because they do not believe you should depict the prophet. I don't pretend to understand why they might feel that way - but that is irrelevant).

Many people will suggest it is wrong to do this day because it is also attacking Muslims (I don't think that's the case, and is certainly not the spirit of the endeavour).  This is a bad argument and wrong.

The problem I do think exists is that this is exactly the response the extremists expected and hoped for.

Consider; they can turn to converts now and say "look how evil America is, they are escalating this, lets go kill them!".

Even that is not the main problem.

The problem is that this feels very much like someone reacting fearfully. "Oh shit, we need to overtly show unity and strength and we need to show it now". It's the typical OTT reaction that you get from people living in fear.

I can't get behind it mostly for that reason. I feel there are a lot better ways to show unity and strength - the very best is probably just to ignore these idiots who are sending threats (indeed, only react if the threat is credible, which most aren't).

The final reason this doesn't sit well with me is that I think it misses the point. Clearly it will only encourage the extremists; they will smell the fear and realise that sending threats is, inexplicably, getting results.  But what it risks is alienating a few more Muslims - not through offending them but because they would see this as "a bit silly".

In a way it is possibly a little intolerant and ignorant. Ok, so you or I cannot understand why a picture might cause offence, it's fine for us to consider that a bit silly, indeed it's even fine to draw those pictures (assuming the sole  intention is not to cause offence - and if it is then whoever does it is clearly just an intolerant idiot). But what isn't fine is saying "oh it doesn't matter, your being silly so stop it now and let us taunt the extremists". That sounds patronizing and I wouldn't blame Muslims for considering that a little rude.

I would much prefer a banner that even Muslims would feel comfortable getting behind.

If you still don't buy my argument then consider this, from the person who originally came up with the idea:

Norris said that if millions of people draw pictures of Muhammad, Islamistterrorists would not be able to murder them all, and threats to do so would become unrealistic.
Is the threat not already unrealistic? This whole new problem originally came from a blogger who made vague threats of death against the South Park guys.

It was very unrealistic threat. Norris actually gives it credbility - that is fear.